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Quarantine Quick Tips

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Parents and Caregivers, welcome to our first blog post! I hate that we are talking under these quarantined circumstances, but I thought that I would use this as an opportunity to help you as you transition from a "regular" parent to a "homeschooling" parent (who said moms don't have superpowers)?

First, I want to let you know that its okay if you don't have all the answers. When I first starting teaching, I too didn't have all the answers; it does get easier! Next, show yourself some grace! Today you may have forgotten to encourage your student to read or practice their math facts, but tomorrow is a better day. Below is a list of helpful hints I hope you find useful on our journey together (yes we are in this together)!


1. Make a schedule. In school, we have schedules for a reason. Kids thrive off structure, even if they don't think they do! Choose a specific time they will complete math skills, reading/writing activities, and even some time for physical education. Next, post the schedule up in the house for all to see. This helps to create consistency and enforces expectations for the work day.

2. Stick to the basics. We don't expect you to teach your student how The American Revolution began or the different stages of the Water Cycle. By focusing on reading, math, and writing, your student is able to build comprehension, fluency, and vocabulary. These are three essential components in understanding social studies and science content in school as well.

3. Get creative! Create a reading nook in the corner of your child's bedroom or living room for them to read and write in silence. Encourage your student to write a children's book with personalized illustrations. Have a multiplication race to see who can guess the most facts in 3 minutes. Create a jeopardy game using math content they have learned during the school year. Teach your student measurement as they help prepare dinner. Read aloud to your child (yes, even middle schoolers still enjoy a good read aloud). It doesn't matter what you do as long as you are intentional and the kids are having fun!

4. Reach out for support! There are many free websites that can support your child in reading and math during this time. Websites such as ABCYa, ReadWorks, Kahoot, and Khan Academy are great resources to use to supplement instruction. We are also offering private and small group, reading and math tutoring.

Remember you are not alone! Growing With Grace Tutoring is literally a "virtual" call away!

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