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At Growing With Grace Tutoring, our mission is to gracefully grow the minds of preschool-12th grade children by providing quality tutoring in reading, math, science, test prep, and financial literacy. At Growing With Grace Tutoring we take pride in working with children from various backgrounds, including those from minority communities and children with specific learning instructional accommodations. By providing children with a safe space to feel seen and heard, our goal is to grow the individual child to his or her maximum potential. Our team is comprised of qualified educators and tutors who have a track record of helping students of all ages and backgrounds to excel.


Elesha Grace


Elesha has two degrees from Georgia State University. She received a Bachelor's in Early Childhood Education with an ESOL endorsement in 2015. Later, she received her Masters in Elementary Education with a concentration in Reading, Language, and Literacy. Elesha is currently a Ph.D. student at Georgia State University in the Early Childhood and Elementary Education Program. She was an elementary teacher for 4 years, a Literacy Coach for 3 years, and now works as a contracted Reading Specialist. Her passion for reading education and her love of children is what drives her in helping to eradicate childhood illiteracy.

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Scot Mmobuosi

Hybrid Math & Science



Scot holds a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics and has taught Math and Science for 10 years. Scot has been successful in teaching students in New York and Georgia the ins and outs of Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, and Physics. He has also helped countless students prepare for the SAT and ACT examinations, scoring 1590 out of 1600 on the SAT. 


Joye Bowen

On-Site 3rd-12th Tutor


Joye has a Bachelor's of Arts in Communications. She was an Early Childhood Education teacher for 2 years and has tutored Kindergarten to 12th grade students in English/Language Arts, Foundational Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, and Geometry for over 7 years. She believes in approaching tutoring as a relay. If tutors meet students where they are, well-engaged and confident students will accomplish their goals. She helps students learn to thrive better academically by understanding their learning styles and then helping students become fluent in the language of learning.


Donovan Grace


Donovan received a Bachelor's in Actuarial Science in 2016 and a Bachelor's in Finance in 2017 from Georgia State University. Donovan also holds a Masters of Finance degree from Johns Hopkins University. Since 2016, he has been working in Corporate America helping businesses make calculated financial decisions. Donovan has been tutoring reading and math concepts for more than five years and has helped countless high school students prepare for college. His students have proven his teaching methods due to consistent increases in grade point averages and test scores. Moreover, his ultimate goal is to take what he has learned in corporate finance and teach students the similarities in personal finance.

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Ebony Williams

On-Site Preschool-5th Tutor

Ebony received a Bachelor’s of Health Science in Health Administration from Georgia Southern University and a Master’s of Art in Teaching from Relay Graduate School of Education. She also received an ESOL endorsement in 2022. She is currently in her fifth year of education. She believes tutoring will instill confidence in scholars, allowing them to become more independent and take control of their own learning when given different strategies.

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Kirsten Walker

On-Site Preschool-8th Reading & Preschool-2nd Math Tutor

Kirsten graduated from the University of West Georgia with a Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Education. She has almost 10 years of teaching experience. Her philosophy for learning consists of creating a safe space. She believes that young students are discovering so much about themselves, and there may be few spaces in their lives that allow them to solely focus on learning and growth. She is committed to establishing rapport and creating a safe learning environment so all students can feel confident to ask questions and learn comfortably.


Ariel Rockmore

Administrative Assistant,

K-12th Hybrid Tutor

Ariel graduated from Spelman College with a Bachelor's in English and Psychology. She then received her Masters in teaching English at the University of West Georgia and is currently pursuing her Masters in English at the same university. She has taught English Language Arts to students for seven years at both the high school and middle school levels. Seeing students succeed and grasp concepts that they once thought were difficult is what drives her to continue educating students.

picture for tutoring - heather salisbury

Heather Salisbury

On-Site K-5th Reading & K-3rd Math Tutor

Heather is currently a 5th Grade English Language Arts/ Reading teacher for Atlanta Public Schools. This is her 11th year teaching and has taught grades 2nd through 5th. She has taught in the states of Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and California which grants her ample experience with curriculum and how to engage students during instruction. She completed her Bachelor’s Degree at USC-Aiken in Early Childhood Education and her Master’s Degree at Augusta State University in Curriculum and Instruction. Her tutoring philosophy consists of establishing and maintaining a safe and productive learning environment with stimulating lessons that utilize a variety of instructional strategies adapted to the needs of diverse learners. Under her guidance, students will be motivated to use critical thinking skills to connect what they are learning to the real world.

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