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Fear of the COVID-19 Backslide

In the wake of 2019-2020 school closings due to COVID-19, many schools have required their students to complete the school year virtually. Some children have been left to complete a number of assignments with little support from teachers, and some students have completely checked out of school altogether.

While to students this may seem like an early summer break, this situation definitely has its drawbacks. Many teachers are fearful of what we call the Summer Slide. This slide emphasizes a time period where students tend to "slide backwards" in their reading and math skills due to a lack of academic support over the summer months. This results in many students starting the new school year behind, for having forgotten many skills they learned in the previous year. As a result, it is commonly difficult to catch up throughout the school year as new topics build upon each other. This can be really scary for students who are in testing grades and those who are required to pass certain coursework for graduation. Upon the start of the new school year in August, many students would of missed approximately 5 months of direct support from teachers due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As parents, we know you are doing the best you can as you juggle this new normal. Many parents are trying to supplement instruction at home, but with Common Core standards, some of the skills your children are learning are different than how we were taught growing up. This can be frustrating, especially if students are encouraged to continue using the new strategies we have taught them in school.

While we focus on staying safe at home during this time, continue to think about how you will prevent your child from experiencing the "COVID-19 Slide". Growing With Grace Tutoring understands the importance of family and education. We recognize that many families have experienced job loss or health complications during this time. The best thing you can do for your child right now is to encourage them to continue to learn and stay on track academically. Virtual private tutoring is a great way to still get that one on one support your child needs to catch up or get ahead in their coursework.

Weekly tutoring sessions can be the difference between your child struggling and your child succeeding next school year.


For more information, visit our Virtual Private Tutoring tab on our website .

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