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Where Math and Finance Come Together.


Have you ever wondered why kids aren't learning about taxes, budgeting, or entrepreneurship in school? Well if they aren't learning it in school, they have to learn it somewhere...don't they?

Math & Money teaches kids from grades 3-12 about turning what they've been learning in math class into money. We also teach the core essentials of personal finance. The essentials include: Savings, Budgeting, Debt, and of course Investing. Making money is great, but keeping money is even greater. Growing With Grace Tutoring is working hard to help build generational wealth in our community. We will host a Math & Money event every other Saturday. Take a look at our upcoming event(s) below and join us today!


As a business owner, I can truly say that while my college education has prepared me to teach others about math and financial literacy, not everyone has the privilege of learning these concepts. I often find myself thinking, "if only I had learned about these financial concepts growing up." I want to turn this around and give the wondering minds of our youth the benefit of knowing what money is.


I've heard several students say that they want to be rich, but what does being rich mean? With Math & Money, we won't just learn what Savings, Budgeting, Debt, and Investing is, but we will use real life examples that will engage the students. Engagement is the key to them making sure these money habits stick. It's kind of like if you miss a bill you won't forget it a second time. This isn't a lecture type workshop, but it is a fun experience where students actively participate!

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