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By Appointment (Free)

Don't worry it is not a test! During this 30-minute consultation, students will spend the first 15 minutes participating in tasks and activities to gauge academic performance and interests. During the remaining 15-minutes, the tutor will communicate with the parent regarding the child's performance and discuss tutoring options. 

In-person and virtual consultations are available.


Homeschool Support

22-23 School Year

Partner with us for the ultimate homeschooling or learning pod experience. This is perfect for families who need support in planning and teaching grade-level content with the help of a certified teacher. Also beneficial for families who may need help with navigating virtual school. Great for one-on-one or small group support. 

Use the form below to inquire about our services and book a Partnership Consultation.

Homeschool Support

On-Site Tutoring

Subscription Based

The perfect solution for children who need one-on-one support. During this session, a tutor will help your child with grade-level content, homework help, or test prep. This is also great for those who need to catch up or get ahead in coursework or for children with an Individualized Education Program (IEP).  Services include:

  • Little Learners (Preschool/Pre-K)

  • Reading, English-Language Arts, and Writing

  • Elementary Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I & II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus

  • Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics

On- Site Tutoring

Public Speaking & Communication

Public Speaking

Subscription Based

The ability to properly communicate with others of various age groups is a skill that has been lost due to social distancing, social media, and abbreviated text communication. Our sessions are designed to help your 5th-12th grader rebuild their public speaking and communication confidence so that they understand appropriate ways to speak with people of all age groups, positive non-verbal body language, and how to improve their verbal/written communication skills. Services include:

  • distinguishing between informal and formal tone

  • teaching social and emotional skills to improve conflict resolution

  • overcoming the fear of public speaking

  • refining nonverbal communication

  • improving written and verbal communication skills

Test Prep (SAT/ACT)


Packages Available

On-site (Mondays & Saturdays)

Ensure your middle/high schooler is ready for college entrance exams. This test prep course will cover skills needed to be successful on either exam including:

  • Reading Comprehension Tips for Literature, History, and Science-Based Passages

  • Essay Writing Strategies

  • Vocabulary Building

  • Math Formulas, Charts, Graphs, and Strategies

  • Multiple Choice Question Tips

  • Question Pacing and Additional Tips

Each package comes with test prep materials including practice exams which will be used during sessions. Classes are available with both on-site and virtual options.

Virtual Tutoring

Virtual Tutoring

Subscription Based

The same benefits of in-person tutoring, but from the comfort of your home. Great for distant learners, those with busy schedules, or children with an Individualized Education Program (IEP).  During the session, tutors can view the student's screen and assist with virtual assignments, grade-level content, and test prep. Services include:

  • Reading, English-Language Arts, and Writing

  • Elementary Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I & II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus

  • Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics

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