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Spanish Tutoring

Class is in session! Or should we say "¡La clase está en sesión!" During Spanish tutoring, your child will learn how to read, write, and speak in Spanish. This class is available to students of all ages and is most helpful for students in:

  • Dual Immersion Programs and need assistance with homework

  • Foreign language classes at school

  • English-based classrooms but want to learn how to speak Spanish

Each class is taught by a Bilingual educator with experience in Dual-Immersion Programs

Public Speaking

The ability to properly communicate with others of various age groups is a skill that has been lost due to social distancing, social media, and abbreviated text communication. Our sessions are designed to help your 5th-12th grader rebuild their public speaking and communication confidence so that they understand appropriate ways to speak with people of all age groups, positive non-verbal body language, and how to improve their verbal/written communication skills. Services include:

  • distinguishing between informal and formal tone

  • teaching social and emotional skills to improve conflict resolution

  • overcoming the fear of public speaking

  • refining nonverbal communication

  • improving written and verbal communication skills

Math and Money: Financial Literacy for Kids

So what is Math & Money?

In a world of TikTok and YouTube, kids have a stronger entrepreneurial spirit than ever before! It is the role of us adults to equip them with financial literacy for them to flourish. It is beautiful for anyone to make money, but the goal of Math and Money is to show students what to do with the money they earn besides spending it.

This hands-on elective class can be tailored to fit the needs of individuals, organizations, or schools.  All workshops consist of:

  • hands-on, real-world scenarios

  • math sense with a combination of financial literacy

  • core topics including savings, investing, debt management, and insurance